the brief

Adele Catherine sells carefully curated luxury décor, fashion and gifting. As a starting point for the gradual introduction of an ‘Adele Catherine’ branded range, they asked me to design the bellyband for their Botanical Infusions – a box containing 5 jars of garnishes and spices that can be used to enhance refreshing iced drinks.

This packaging needed to align to their brand identity – a clean and clear typographic treatment and monochromatic colour scheme – as well as include visuals that illustrate the contents of the jars as these are not clearly visible when contained in the box. Using their brand font in a table-like layout combined with etched illustrations of garnishes and spices, I created this artwork ensuring that the format can be adapted for different products that they introduce to this range in the future.

Luxury Oudh Organic Scented Candles were the next product added to this range. The same table-like format is used; however, it excludes illustrations as this bellyband is wrapped around the candle as opposed to being packaged in a box. These candles are available in 5 different sizes with varying numbers of wicks and approximate burning times, so I needed to ensure that the font size of the typography was consistent across all.

If you are interested in purchasing these or other delightful products from their range, please visit one of their stores or